We work around the clock to ensure timely completion of your project. Our experience in scheduling includes:

  • Retail 
  • Apartments
  • Senior Living
  • Restaurants
  • Banks
  • Fast Food
  • Bars
  • Movies
  • Fitness
  • Wireless
  • Entertainment
  • Insurance


02. Editing 

Our editors will review your reports and correct spelling, grammar and accuracy as needed.  They ensure the information submitted is valid and completed to meet your guidelines all while delivering the report to you on time.    


03. Audio and Video

Our schedulers are experienced in finding shoppers with the right equipment and experience to complete a quality shop with audio or video requirements.  Our editors ensure the media file delivered to you is clear, audible and meets your standards. 

Please let us know how we can assist you. 

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Red Brick Scheduling, liberty hill, texas




Red Brick Scheduling

Comprehensive support you and your company can trust.


We provide a full range of services to mystery shopping, marketing, demo and merchandising companies in the areas of recruiting, scheduling, editing, follow-up, shopper/auditor support, and training.

We handle any and all of your scheduling, staffing, and recruiting needs, from small to large, regional to national and international in scope.  We locate consumers for focus groups and consumer panels as well.  We are happy to take on long-term and last-minute projects, all at reasonable rates. We provide full shopper support and training, as well as complete follow-up.

We utilize our own database of thousands of quality mystery shoppers and merchandisers, and we have access to several nationwide shopper databases as well. Our schedulers utilize other avenues as needed to locate qualified shoppers even in the hard-to-reach areas.